May 30, 2016

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Worldwide Boom in Islamic Fashion Demonstrated at the Saverah Expo

The recent Saverah Women Expo, which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel next to London’s O2 Arena, delivered a distinct message to the world of fashion—according to the organizers, they designed the event to aim at empowering Muslim women. It showcased Muslim businesses, charities, banks and solicitors specializing in modest fashion, jewellery, halal cosmetics, chocolates and greetings cards for Ramadan.

Almost a hundred exhibitors took part in the event, including dozens of British and foreign fashion designers. As the spokeswoman for Saverah Shazia Ramzan said, “Modest fashion has been a phenomenon elsewhere, especially in the Gulf, for a while, and now it’s becoming more of a statement here.”

Saverah Women Expo

The global Muslim clothing market is truly growing, where it is indicated by the Global Islamic Economy report to grow to more than 220 billion UK pounds in worth by 2020. Today, you will see international retailers, such as Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer, launching clothing collections that are aimed at Muslim women.

One factor Ramzan pointed out in the growth of modest fashion was the increasing disposable incomes among young Muslims, which she said is very apparent in India, where spending power used to favour only the elite, but is now enjoyed by the middle class as it has risen up. Ranna and Rasha Ahmed, twins who launched their label Hijab Star about less than a year ago, also pointed to a generational shift, stating “Young Muslim women of our generation are much more interested in fashion than our mothers.”

During the show, elegant models got the chance to show off outfits that ranged from close-fitting tunics and minimal hijabs to skinny trousers and all-encompassing black abayas that come with elaborate veils.

Saverah Women Expo fashion

Aside from the modest collections, the event also housed a personal training service called the Healthy Hijab, which was facilitated by Zahra Pederson, gathering signatures in support of the Faces of Muslimah campaign to be launched after the month of fasting to celebrate diversity among Muslim women.