Aug 17, 2015

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Why Young Professionals Today Go for “Experience Now”

The young are carefree and ambitious, have very little responsibilities other than themselves, so they can do whatever, go wherever they like as far as their dreams and guts will take them.

Experiential versus Material Pleasures

Young, successful individuals ageing 30 to 40 years old are increasingly adventurous when it comes to traveling. Some young couples even venture out with their kids in tow. Gone were the days when people have to wait until retirement age to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. Today’s generation no longer waits for net worth to build up, but save up for that short vacation to some sunny beach, or even pack up and go – live a life of a cyber nomad.


The cost of purchasing a car or a house has increasingly become a burden for young people today. For those with incessant wanderlust, a house and a car are like diving weights that only keep them down, and stop them from achieving their dream of going places. So they ditch making fixed-asset purchases, and buy luggage bags and plane tickets instead.

Hello, World!

Such was the phrase used during the first phase of Internet and computer use. Basic web designing or online programming was about creating a page with this catchy phrase, making it blink, marquee or change hues. Today, the Internet has come a long way in keeping people mobile. “Hello, World!” is no longer just a dancing phrase on a web page, but actually a personal experience of discovering the vast world.

For those who can’t keep up with technology (those ‘old dogs’ who never learn new tricks), they are most likely the unlucky ones who can’t tap online resources that make traveling much cheaper, way easier, and more enjoyable.


Budget Travel

Travel has become more and more available even for the middle-income individuals and students with little to no income. There’s always a cheaper alternative to every first-class vacation without changing destination altogether. Why, young people with the energy and enthusiasm can even work while they travel, making the experience even more gratifying. Similarly, students could opt for exchange learning in order to attain both education and travel.

As the saying goes: Carpe diem or seize the day. Today’s young travelers may actually be enjoying life more because they prefer good experiences and great adventures now.