Jun 13, 2014

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Why we’re giving a stylish thumbs-up to Bingo Calls

The world of fashion has many weapons in its arsenal but perhaps the most powerful is the ability to have fun.

We fashionistas love anything that is fun and playful: playsuits, flower embellished sandals and colourful hats – they all have this in common. And that’s why we’re giving a big stylish thumbs-up to the Bingo Calls videos published by Costa Bingo.

In the videos, you’ll see people just like you and me giving a visual representation for your favourite bingo calls. We all love a game of bingo now and again and these videos really capture the spirit of the game in these videos.

The Costa Bingo campaign is a great example of how we can all enjoy life more by having a bit of fun and we are already practising our calls for when we next decide to try and get Lady Luck on our side!

Check out the first video – Number One: Kelly’s Eye – below before visiting the Costa Bingo YouTube Channel for a look at the full series.

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