Oct 6, 2014

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Which Color Is the Best Lip Color for You?

Not everyone understands how important it is to use the right lip color. Some women even commit an unacceptable crime of wearing a lipstick that makes their skin look sallow, which is downright ghastly. So make sure you avoid making the same mistake by choosing a shade that is flattering. How?


Let the color of your eyes guide you

Let your irises guide you in making the best decision. The shade you choose must enhance your eyes and pop against your complexion. Celebrity make-up artists suggest using cherry-red, if you have green or hazel eyes, orange with blue, and pink or rosy tones with blue-colored irises.

Consider your hair color

Another idea is to use the color of your crowning glory as a basis for lipstick. Products that have a violet undertone is perfect for auburn hair, pink undertones with light and ashy blondes, and violet hues, orange or red for brunettes. What’s a brown-colored hair woman to do? Go crazy. You have broader options, after all.

Determine your skin’s undertone

The trick is to examine the underside of your wrist in natural light. If the veins look green, you have a warm skin tone, and should choose lipsticks in shades of salmons, corals and peaches. If they appear bright blue, then you have a cool undertone. In this case, your best option is pink or berry in color.


Know what you want your lipstick to achieve

Think about whether you want to accentuate or minimize the shape of your lips. Wearing a lipstick that is brighter and lighter will do the former, while dark-colored ones will do the latter. Don’t use anything that’s too dark, however, as this can look severe and scary. It can also add to your age, which is something you should avoid at all times. On a last note, start in the middle when applying lipstick, and then blend it outwards. Careful application is also highly recommended.

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