Mar 6, 2014

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What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

Casinos are often portrayed in the media as being places full of the glamorous and stylish, with cool gangster type people ruling the floor. However the truth, when it comes to modern UK casinos, couldn’t be further away from this image. There was a time when you were expected to dress your best to attend the local casino, but nowadays it’s rare to find a place where smart casual isn’t the dress code.

night out dress

If you are thinking of attending a casino for the first time after trying online blackjack at home, it’s recommended to check what the dress code is before you arrive. Although most places accept a casual dress code, they also tend to refuse anyone who wears trainers. It’s useful to think o casinos similar to nightclubs in terms of a dress code. You tend to find groups of people out on a celebration together who have dressed up to attend the casinos, wearing a mixture of party dresses, high heels or jeans and a smart shirt. As this sort of dress isn’t expected in most places though you will also find those who have chosen to just wear what they are comfortable in, within reason. It’s unusual to find a casino that would let someone in dressed in jogging bottoms or something similar.

If you want to dress to the nines, it’s worth tracking down the more upper class casinos, such as in central London, where the stricter dress code still remains. In places like this, it’s not unusual to find women wearing cat walk style dresses, with luxurious accessories and dramatic high heels. The height of fashion is often on display in luxury casinos, such as ones that are attached to five star hotels in the middle of London. The key to dressing right for your casino visit is to wear what you feel comfortable in, without feeling too scruffy. If you are attending an upper class casino, be sure to dress to impress.

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