Nov 15, 2014

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What to Wear for the Holiday Season

It’s almost time for the holiday season again and for sure, you are already thinking of rummaging through your wardrobe for gorgeous tops and dresses that will get you feeling like the star of the night. Perhaps, you may even be on the way out to get some statement accessories that will inject the wow factor into your wardrobe staples. If you are without a clue on what to wear for the holiday season, however, here are some ideas to get you started.

Sequined Clothing

If you want to look festive but not too much as to actually appear like a human Christmas tree, then opt for black, metallic or cream-colored clothing with sequins. Look for a body-fit dress if the classy, sophisticated style is what you are going for. If you’re having a casual party at home with your family and close friends, there are also sequined long-sleeved tops you can opt for.

sequin dresses

Festive Leggings

Colorful leggings, especially those that come with tribal designs, would be perfect for the season. Not only are they cozy, they are also easy to slip on and tuck your stomach into after lounging at the dinner table full of food varieties.


You’ve seen it in movies a lot of times – ladies walking the snowy streets of New York in their mittens and coats. Go out like a Russian princess and wear a beautiful coat with faux fur. Choose one that is knee-length and made of wool. Wool coats will not only provide you extra-coziness, they also actually appear real stylish.

coat col

Red Lipstick

Lastly, don’t forget to prep up your face. Load on a sophisticated pop of color by wearing red lipstick. Red lipstick never fails to vamp up an off-duty look in a second. In addition, it will add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your chosen wardrobe for the night!

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