Nov 12, 2014

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What Suits Can Do for You Big Time

Men don’t seem to need much compared to women. When their closets are set side by side, a woman’s would probably be bursting at the seams. Still, every man must own a fancy and impressive suit. It is an equivalent to a woman’s LBD.

Don’t think you need one? Well, you might change your mind after reading these:

Suits can lead to an increase in salary

Regardless of your occupation, you can get paid more if you look presentable. A paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that men who are attractive enjoys a premium of up to 10% with their income. Now attractive here doesn’t necessarily mean your physical appearance, but your overall looks. So, if you always fall short on the income department, upgrade your fashion choices. Buy a suit.


Suits open doors to job opportunities

You are expected to dress up for an initial interview. Even if you are qualified, however, if someone comes along who is just as suitable for the job and dresses sharply, he will get that second interview. Research shows that personal appearance is part of the equation, and when the competitions is stiff, it all comes down to it.

Suits convey a power of persuasion

Between talking to attractive and less attractive people, you are likely to buy what the latter is selling. It is just the way the system works. No, not really. But studies do back the idea that appearance can be persuasive enough. Dress up with a suit and you will project a personality of being an independent thinker, powerful and with valuable opinion.


Suits sway people’s perception

Most men in position wear sharp and expensive suits. Anyone who sees you wearing something similar will immediately assume you hold a high position, have great achievements and very important. Just by wearing a suit you can be someone impressive to other people’s eyes and opinion.

Now, are you ready to buy a suit?

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