Sep 25, 2014

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What Does Your Fashion Style Say About You?

Those who say a person’s choice of fashion does not have anything to do with who they are definitely in the wrong because clearly, a collection of 5-inch stilettos sends a far different message than having a rack of beaten up skater shoes. Maybe your fashion taste changes from time to time but one thing is for sure: your clothes are a cue to your mood, the image you want to portray and they even hint what kinds of things you like.


Bright, Bold and Sparkly

People who like bright, bold and sparkly clothes love being showstoppers. They tend to overdress for everything, always putting out an over-the-top vibe. But if anything, this love for attention screams nothing but confidence. They are the type who’ll wear whatever they want at any time and will rock the outfit regardless.

Chic and Elegant

People who like to keep themselves looking elegant and well-put all the time are most often systematic. Their preferred look is usually a neat mix of minimalistic dresses paired with classy heels and an expensive-looking crème-colored leather bag. This ultra-organized type always knows what they like and thus, shopping to them becomes a rather defined mission.



Freestylers have everything from sweaters to shirts to cute dresses to formal tops. They may appear disorganized and messy but, in actuality, they are just people who go with the flow. They are also the type that does not have one specific favorite in mind. They simply experience moments and wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing on certain days.

The Adorkable/Out-of-Date

This fashion style is all about heavy-rimmed glasses, vintage dresses, classic shirts and jeans. People who sport this style are usually artsy and they tend to exude an image that they are comfortable with themselves. Because they are all about vintage, they usually aren’t interested in what’s latest in the modern fashion world. So, what do you think? Are you what you wear?

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