Oct 25, 2013

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Waxing tips for smooth skin

The way you take care of getting rid of the hair is very important. Much is said about the effectiveness of the razor and its disadvantages. However, it can be an effective method by following these tips:

Use shaving gel

Shaving legs with only a little water and soap is not good. Even if you’re rushing don’t even think of shaving without using some product, because your skin will become rough and will definitely suffer from redness and irritation caused by the razor. The shaving gel is ideal to soak and soften the area you want before shaving and especially to do the process correctly.

The right direction is everything

Shaving the hair in the right direction is very important.

Razor tips

Razor tips

Shave in the direction your hair grows out with moves heading downwards and not upwards. The main difference is that if you shave the hair downwards, then you minimize the chance of the annoying ingrowing hairs.


Exfoliation helps to get rid of all the dead skin layer, soften the dry skin and contribute significantly to not increase hair growth.

Leg hydration

Leg hydration


Hydration also plays a huge role in hair growth, so the more you keep your skin properly hydrated the better for the unwanted hair.

By Nicole P.

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