Dec 6, 2014

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Top Ten Options for Organizing Makeup and Accessories

Makeup and accessories are essential stuff girls can’t live without. However, organizing beauty products, hair accessories, nail polish, jewelries and other accessories can become a constant struggle for many women. If tidying your space and organizing your stuff is an issue, here are ten ways to de-clutter your space.


Beauty Belt Organizers

These are designed for travelling, as they are very handy and portable to carry around. Belt organizers normally have clear mini pockets inside, and roll into a compact bag that you can easily insert in your luggage.

Clear Pouches and Bags

Cosmetic pouches and bags come in varying sizes and styles, and are travel size. Like belt organizers, pouches and bags are ideal for traveling, but usually have bigger space than belt organizers. They aren’t very hardwearing and are prone to wear and tear.

Mini Drawers

Mini drawers are great for home use. They have separate compartments, which can be labeled to group like products together. It is best to choose acrylic or glass to easily see what’s inside. However, a good label is enough to properly identify the product you wish to use.

Bling Bags and Train Cases

Bling bags and train cases are like normal luggage bags, but are specifically designed to hold cosmetic and accessories. They have sturdy shell and interior cushion to protect your stuff. The downside is that they are usually more expensive, bulky and heavy.

Clear Containers

Clear containers are simply food containers repurposed for organizing beauty products, jewelries and other similar items. These containers are practical to use being widely available and inexpensive. Although they don’t have special compartments, so it’s best to use smaller containers, store like items together and label the container accordingly.


Baskets lend a country feel to a space, and they are neat for organizing your makeup. You can decorate them with ribbons and lace for a customized look. However, baskets rarely have lids, and you can’t have them airtight unless you put your makeup inside ziplock bags first.

Cosmetic Organizer Furniture or Dresser

They are considered as furniture because of their bulk and size. Cosmetic organizer furniture is more like a dresser only that it has specialized compartments for storage, in addition to the usual straightforward shelves. They are handy in a room but definitely not for traveling.


Door Pockets

Door pockets come in varying fabric patterns and colors, and they usually have clear pockets with label holders. These space-saving organizers don’t have lids, but you can always add a Velcro to close the pockets, as well as attach them to the door so they don’t swing and make noise when you close the door.

Table Top Containers

These are handy containers in different designs, but they don’t really do much in organizing your stuff because they don’t have many compartments. They’re only great for storing things you frequently use.

Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are fixtures in the bathroom that are built for storage. You can customize your bathroom cabinet especially for your cosmetics. However, it is strongly recommended not to store makeup in the bathroom because humidity encourages bacteria growth.