Aug 8, 2016

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Tips to Give You a Head Start in On-camera Auditions

If you want to give your acting career a head start, one of the most important things to focus on is how you will look good how for your on-camera auditions. Getting the attention of the casting director is imperative to jumpstart your career. Apart from your acting talent, you also need to create a branding image. What you wear will either make or break it. With preparation, you increase your chances of getting the part.


Pick the Perfect Footwear

Flip flops, flat shoes and rubber shoes are not the right footwear for an audition. If you are a woman, heeled shoes are apt since they make you appear taller. Practise on how to walk on them to exude confidence. If you are male, you might want to wear black leather shoes that match your suit.

Pick the Right Color to Wear

Your goal is to connect with the audition executives through your voice and make an impression with the way you stand and choice of the color of your clothes. Colors have psychological properties that affect those who wear them and the people who see them being worn.  When in front of the camera, the energy of the color of your clothing transmits to the lens.

Bold colors like orange and red may be energetic but are not the right choices in this particular situation. Red represents passion but also denotes anger and fear. It might be more appealing to wear clothes with pastel and vibrant fabrics. The most popular being the color blue since it has a calming effect. Appropriate shades of blue are either teal, royal or powder blue.


Of course, it would be better to get help from a team of professionals with planning your career to negotiating contracts. With proper support, raw talent and self-image, a rewarding career is in the offing. This will start with simple things like dressing up and creating an image to succeed.