Feb 6, 2014

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Tips for women with weak hair

Thin and weak hair is a common phenomenon that many women face even at a young age. And of course none of them like to have hair that look weak. Do not despair though, just take matters into your own hands and begin to find the solution that will strengthen your hair. Down below you will find useful everyday tips.

Damaged hair tips

Damaged hair tips

1. Make sure your diet isn’t responsible for your weak hair. Ensure protein for your body because it is responsible for the development, maintenance and strength of hair. In addition, be sure to take vitamin B, which will help your hair to grow long, protecting against breakage and keeping them healthy.

2. If you make sure you have the right diet and the problem persists then the next step is to do a check up. There is a possibility, the weakness of your hair due to your body.

3. De-stress. Yes, it may sound excessive but stress is a main factor in the health of our hair among others. Relax at least 10 minutes during the day. Do it for your hair!

Damaged hair tips

Damaged hair tips

4. Avoid combing wet hair many times. Hair becomes more fragile when wet. Start to dry before you finish the hair, then a pause for the hairstyle. You ‘ve probably noticed that the salon hair comb with the few and gentle movements.

5. And of course, have in mind that very tight ponytails and other grips that need styling products isn’t the best for hair.

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