Dec 14, 2015

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These Celebrities Were Geeks Once, But Smoking Hot Now

Puberty and adulthood may bring some magic into one’s personality, causing the amazing transformation. These once-geeky celebs could have transformed after their testosterone or estrogen levels start to boil and activate over the years. Or, it could be that their former geek personality made them come out as the ugly duckling who are in truth graceful swans.

Dakota Fanning

This child star started way too young, and we adore her for her cuteness. Smart and quirky, Dakota was a geek young actress. But look at her now – all grown up, pretty and hot. There’s no sign of geekiness at all.


Danielle Fishel

Boy Meets World quirky cheerleader was weird and nonconformist, at least her character was. Small and chubby, her role was to be this awkward teen that stood for what she is. Now, Danielle is the modern day Pamela Anderson, only better. She helps others appreciate their bodies through her NutriSystem affiliation.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia, well, he wasn’t always that attractive to the likes of Megan Fox. He was lanky, with curly hair and awkward that he truly could pass as a young geek celebrity during his days in Even Stevens. When he grew up, he was the same talented Shia, only that he became a real heartthrob, but of course, it sometimes went up his head.

Emma Watson

Emma took up a geek role in the famous Harry Potter movie series – the know-it-all friend of the titular character. But really, she wasn’t just a bluff. Hermione Granger was truly a wise wizard in her own rights. But ever since Emma started growing curves, she’s perhaps growing beautiful inside out as well. She’s now one of the women we can say as beauty and brains, juggling filming and studying.


Lacey Chabert

Remember Party of Five series? It hit off like a real family series would. And Lacey was there as the unfashionable violinist Claudia Salinger. Thanks to her quirky bangs and low self esteem, Lacey’s character was truly the geek many people can relate with. But fast forward to now – and Lacey is a full grown woman and a great cast of Mean Girls.