Dec 7, 2015

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The Tried and True Art of Layering Your Clothes

In this cold weather, layering can be the most fun and fashionable way of keeping your warm. Because let’s be honest, some full coats can be a tad overwhelming, if not unfashionable. So here’s a guide to layering your clothing for winter, and for the occasional colder days.

Basic Layering to Beat the Cold

Layer 1: Manage moisture and body temperature with clothing that keeps you comfy and sweat-free. Wool, silk and synthetic fibers are great for base layer. These can be an undergarment or a total ensemble of clothing of shirts and bottoms.

Layer 2: Insulate your body from the cold using fleece jackets that are lightweight and protective.

Layer 3: This outer layer should provide extra protection against extreme temperatures, wind and precipitation. Use waterproof, breathable jackets or rainwear that you can readily take off when the weather cooperates.


Fashionable Layering with Prints

Layer 1: Use bold prints of your chosen palette. This can be bold stripes in black and white. Or you can go for bold patterns in huge geometric shapes with neutral colors.

Layer 2: Add a layer of smaller prints or shapes from the same color palette. If you used bold stripes in the first layer, use finer stripes here.

Layer 3: Accessorize with contrasting prints or pop of color such as a fur boa or scarf, or maybe a jacket. You can also accessorize with huge bangles and necklaces if you want to glamorize your ensemble a bit.


Prints and checkers in bold colors are great for first and second layers, and then covered with a third layer of solid or soft colors in neutral tones. If you find your top layers a bit dull for your taste, pair them up with colored jeans or skirts. To top it off, use sunglasses, hats or bonnets for a more stylish and comfortable outfit.

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