Nov 2, 2015

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The Trendiest Fashion Accessories for Men in 2015

Both genders may have minds of their own, but when together, they have to do some learning to get along. In terms of fashion, male and female work on what it seems to be a holy matrimony, with clothes and accessories coming together to achieve that look that would have an impact and is trendy. Here are the trendiest fashion accessories for men in 2015.


While debates on bags for men are still on, designers are seemingly treading back into the familiar younger territory. Backpacks are seen uber chic and luxe if they come in mink, leather and animal print, especially by those in college.

1Lace-Up Boots

With Kanye West endorsing this fashion trend, lace-up boots have caught the imagination of every male fashionista. No longer limited to winter wear, these boots have become the manly and rugged choice for many men, with great pairs offered by trusted brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana.

Raised Hats

Hats are the way to be in 2015, so you can say goodbye to your baseball caps. And these are not just hats, but the classic bucket or Fedora-styled hats, which can beat the heat, while still looking incredibly stylish at the same time. Great brands to check out for inspiration are Vivenne Westwood and Burberry.

676px-HattWhite Shoes

Though white is not a color usually associated with men, this year, the male gender lays claim to white shoes, whether they are in canvas for casual or leather variants for formal wear. You can pair white shoes with dark clothes for an interesting mix, or go all pastel to come up with a subdued effect.

All-Season Scarves

Light during summer and warm during winter, scarves have once again proved their versatility. They have become slightly formal this year that blend in with your look, with great options from reputable brands, such as Burberry Prorsum.


This year sees men no longer restricted to boring blacks, browns and blues and integrates various colors into fun staples. The best part is, these trends can be swung between casual and formal occasions with ease.