Nov 10, 2013

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The timeless pieces of a fashionable wardrobe

There are some clothes that are timeless. You buy them, wear them and their style, their line, never goes out of fashion. These clothes should be located in almost all female closets. Below we listed the most timeless wardrobe pieces that every woman needs to have!

The black blazer

This is from the most classic choices. It can be worn with a shirt and pants in the morning in the office, with a dress, accessories and shoes at night.

Black blazer

Black blazer

A pair of classic pumps

Black pumps were considered a must. Now a must is the nude color. They can be worn from morning till night and combined with almost all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. But be careful. Avoid excesses in heel height. The classic heel pumps are usually 7 cm.

The little black dress

It was woren by your mother, wear it and you will probably pass the trend to your daughters as well. Its length is usually just above the knee. Certainly we have seen at times several variations in length, the sleeves, the neckline. Choose the design that flatters your body type.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

The white shirt

Practical and smart choice. It fits well with your favorite jean, with your plaid skirt that is in fashion this year and with your black pants for a night out. Combine with distinctive jewelry.

The jeans

Look enough to find the jeans that will fit you and make you feel comfortable because you will wear it for many hours every day. Usually intimidated by the trends each season and buy something beautiful hand, inconvenient not like low cut jeans. The most convenient line is the boot cut.

White T-shirt and Jeans

White T-shirt and Jeans

A good leather bag

Will complete your elegant ensemble or rather your elegant ensembles. A good leather handbag is an investment and you will enjoy them for some time.

The sweater with V neckline

In black, gray and blue color worn by all women and match any outfit, especially the gray color.

By Nicole P.