Oct 8, 2014

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The Secrets to Growing Longer Lashes

No eye look is ever complete without having touched up your eyelashes. Thick and long eyelashes make an attractive look, making them one of the prime desires of every beauty enthusiast out there. However, not everyone is graced with such blessing. If you’re tired of putting loads of mascara or faux lashes everyday to sport a full-lash look, perhaps you’ll want to try out these tips on how to grow your lashes naturally!


Tip#1: Vaseline

If you’re on a budget and thus can’t spend tons on expensive lash growth serums, go for Vaseline! It’s one of those old-age tricks but it works. Plus, application is fairly easy. Simply swipe a sufficient amount of Vaseline on your eyelid before you go to bed. Note that it may take several weeks for results to go noticeable though so be patient.

Tip#2: Natural Oils



Among the most commonly used natural oils for lash growth are olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Natural oils do not only contain vitamins and minerals that can make your lash hairs grow strong and healthy, they also have lengthening agents that encourage fast growth. Plus, they make absolutely good moisturizers.

Tip#3: Lash Accelerators

Did you know that there are mascaras that contain lash accelerators? One of the most popular is the Rimmel London mascara. Lash accelerator mascaras, however, cost a bit of a fortune but they work 2 ways – as enhancers and mascara. If you have some dollars to spare, then these would be worth splurging on.

Tip#4: Proper Diet

Yes, that’s right. Your diet does also actually affect your lash growth. So, avoid the fatty foods and switch up to fruits and vegetables. Focus on getting sufficient protein, calcium and vitamin E. Over time, you are sure to notice the huge difference this will make!

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