Nov 2, 2013

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The rules of elegance | Tips for a stylish look

All women want one thing. To look stylish all day, every day. And because it is very easy to get carried away by various stylistic temptations, read some tips that will help you to avoid excesses and help you to always look stylish!

Street Style

Street Style

Quality and not quantity

It is advisable to buy a classic piece for your wardrobe that costs a little more but you will have it for almost a lifetime, rather than 15 pieces that in time you will not know what to do with them and their quality is lower. Do not be seduced by the trends of the time and buy things that after six months they will be locked in the closet and will not come out ever again. Besides, it is not time for expenses and each buy needs longer thought.


This is one of the main characteristics of personal style. Here you do not have to waste a lot of money. Look in your moms or aunts closet, you’ll definitely find something that fits with the clothes you have. Play with accessories, do not over do it though. Exaggeration does not always bring good results.

Do not follow everything suggested

All the trends do not fit in all women. Dare to create your own style, paying attention to the colors that suit you. Take time and look to find unique pieces from various bazaars, shops with stock clothes and e-shops, creating a unique personal style.

Choose clothes according to your body type

This is the biggest mistake almost every woman makes. Wanting to follow the current trends, we choose clothes that emphasize to our shortcomings. For example when you have a big waist you shouldn’t wear low rise jeans with a cropped top. Choose combinations that flatter you and can hide what you don’t want to show.

Stylish look

Stylish look

Pay attention to simplicity

You hear this alot and it’s true. The more simple you dress, the more distinctive accessories you choose, the more you will look stylish. The same goes for makeup, for a more natural result. An exception to the above are some nights when you go out, where extravagance in dress and makeup is appropriate.

Try wearing the right accessories

By accessories we don’t mean jewelry. Belts, scarves, handbags and gloves should be in similar tones with the rest outfit. Don’t forget that detail makes the difference.

Make sure you have the basics in your wardrobe

A classic pair of jeans, a blazer, a plain black dress, a leather jacket, a camel coat, a pair of classic ballet flats are some of the clothes that should be present in the wardrobe of every woman. Beyond a trend, these pieces are timeless and their value cannot ever fall.

By Nicole P.