Nov 5, 2014

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The New Trend Everybody’s Trying Out: Tattoo Jewelries!

As with many other trends, temporary tattoo jewelries are not exactly new in the fashion market. Back in 2012, Dior and renowned jewelry designer Camille Miceli teamed up to introduce a luxe limited edition set tattoo jewelries that included chokers, earrings, bracelets and cuffs made of real 24-karat gold microparticles. Unfortunately, most likely due to the $120 price for something that washes off 3-4 days later, they somewhat didn’t catch on – well, just until recently.

A few months ago, the brands Lulu DK and Flash Tattoos emerged with more affordable options for tattoo jewelries. Thanks to their playful summery vibe, they immediately became a signature look for avid festival-goers. It wasn’t long after until the fashion circles started to take notice of them as well. Now, heaps of bloggers and street style editors can be seen sporting pressed-on necklaces and stacked bracelets plastered beautifully on their necks and wrists!


Tips and Tricks

Tattoo jewelries are not the same as the temporary tattoos you tried out as a kid, nonetheless. You can’t just slap them all at once anywhere on your body and expect that they will magically look good. The trick is to go subtle rather than plaster them all on your neck, arms or fingers at once.

  • When placing on midi rings, make sure you add just one at a time. See if adding a few more will still look as you desire. You don’t want to have a chaotic, cluttered-looking party of tattoo rings, now would you?

  • You might also want to mix 1 or 2 tattoo bracelets with a few actual bangles. Or if you want to go simple, just put on one single tattoo cuff.

  • Body chains and necklaces are a much bolder approach to this style. Depending on their design and size, they can look flashy and thus would be difficult to take seriously. Big tattoo jewelries may work fine for bikini-clad days but of course you also have to think about the insane tan lines you will probably get afterward!

Bottom line is: tattoo jewelries are the best noncommittal trend you can try for the season. They easily wash off in 4-6 days but you can also scrub them clean whenever you so desire!

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