Dec 21, 2015

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The New Rules in Wearing Patterns and Prints

Don’t wear plaid with stripes. Don’t wear print with print. There are many rules out there on how to wear prints and patterns, but they are usually outdated and are more focused on what DOESN’T work than what DOES.

Times are changing and so do fashion taste and style. That is why we believe that we need a new rule for mixing prints and patterns. Check these out!

Match print color not the print


Who said you can’t wear a striped top with a leopard-print skirt? This unlikely pair can turn out gorgeous when paired well. Just pay attention to color. Light blue and pink are cute. Yellow and orange are bold. Red and black are fabulous. Black and white are classy. The latter in particular can go with everything. So if you’re still not confident about mixing prints, stick with these colors first. And just to be safe, pick patterns and accessories which share one or two shades in order to create a cohesive look.

Start with the basics

Mixing prints and patterns can be difficult, so we suggest that you start with the staples, such as stripes and polka dots. These are simpler and graphic, making them easier to mix and match with everything. In addition, they go well with complex prints such like animal prints and florals.

Add space between patterns


Want to wear a printed coat over a printed top? We like your style. However, if it seems like your outfit is getting a little busy, try to add some space between patterns. Distribute them evenly on top and on the bottom. Or best yet, break up the look with solid-color clothing or accessories. For instance, you can draw a visual line between a sassy print skirt and a graphic polka dot blouse. Or you can layer in some solid-color clothes to calm the patterns.