Dec 22, 2013

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The most well dressed countries

Have you ever wondered which country has the most well dressed citizens? Every country has its own unique style that most people prefer to choose. Is it possible or fair to assess a country, based on the sartorial whims of the fashionable elite? Maybe not, but this did not stop us from creating the following list. Learn and enjoy…


From jeans and cowboy mood, until the fashion of hip hop and many others, it seems that the American way of dressing has been influenced by many cultures. The American fashion at its best embodies a reflective aesthetic, which is kind of hard to resist. Known brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are some of those that have been copied more than any other in the world.

USA style

USA style


The country of beauty. The Brazilians are considered among the most beautiful people, especially when their not wearing clothes! And while the famous tiny bikinis and thongs are known not only invaded the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the entire world, in this South American country has sprung a more discreet fashion. Catalyst was the arrival of Fashion Week Sao Paulo.


There is a reason that many have as a reference the British style. The easy one is to categorize the fashion of other countries. The British fashion is difficult to fit under a label.

UK style

UK style


Few folks dressed as extreme as the Japanese. Past generations may not so much, but today’s young people in big cities such as Tokyo, have nothing to do with the traditional kimono and dressed businessmen in suits from previous seasons.


The birthplace of haute couture. The French fashion is very specific and does not fit all tastes.

French haute couture

French haute couture


Her relationship with Italian style and fashion began in the 1950’s. Personalities such as Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy chose to dress by Italian fashion houses. With two Italian cities are in the list of the first five in terms of fashion, the whole world turns its gaze towards it for ideas, inspiration and style.

By Nicole P.

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