Oct 22, 2014

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The Many Ways You Can Glam Up an LBD

A LBD is a woman’s best friend. When nothing seems suitable to wear for a particular occasion, that little black dress in your closet might just be what you need. But rocking it will take a little more work than just wearing a pair of sky-high stilettos. What do you need to glam up and stand out in your LBD?



Painting your lips in bold red or shocking pink color is all you need to rock a LBD like a pro. You don’t even have to put on eye makeup, if you don’t have time to do something elaborate. But one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the do.  If you have naturally curly hair, leave it as it is for that sexy look. With a straight hair, you can go sleek and taut or twist with a curling iron as well.


The kind of jewelry you wear depends on the style of your all-black ensemble. Wear stud earrings when clad in a bodycon, dangling earrings if it has a high neckline and statement necklace if it’s strapless. By wearing the right jewelry, you will look quite impressive even with a simple black dress. Don’t forget to stack up bracelets to further enhance your look.

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Since black goes well with just about anything, go crazy with your choice of accessories. Leopard-print heels and striped clutch are sure to add color against your black canvas. Your choice of shoes, however, should match the look that you want to pull off. Something plain and unadorned is perfect for a casual look, while bright, high-heeled pumps add excitement to your overall ensemble. Want to add more twist to your solid black outfit? Mix and match with other items in your closet, but choose wisely. If you want to pull off a rock chick look, for instance, pair it with a motorcycle jacket and aviator shades. With a LBD, there are plenty of styles you can use.

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