Sep 18, 2013

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The five best trends for plus size fashions

It seems impossible when looking at the beautiful waifs on the catwalks but some fashion trends suit women with curves better. Despite the wide disproportion between the women used to advertise the clothes and those that buy them, some styles need filling with flesh, not bones, and here’s why: just as some outfits need height (drop waist flapper dresses) some need weight.



1. Sweater girl style. Think of Jane Russell relaxing in the cruise ship in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. You can’t have a flat chest in an outfit like that. The pointy bras of the 1950s might have been replaced with more flattering moulded bras for sweater wearing now, but the sentiment’s the same. Invest in a quality brand such as Freya lingerie to be certain you’ll create the perfect silhouette.

2. Oversized winter coats. If you’re a size 6 even a normal coat will look ‘oversized’ on you, so this trend suits women with a stronger frame, otherwise you risk looking like a child lost in your mother’s coat. This season go for a pale pink and cinch in with a belt if you want to add your own touch to the look.

3. Stacked heels. Again, whereas slim young things can pull off chiffon crop tops and denim hotpants so short they’ll feel every time the wind changes direction, anything a bit chunkier needs someone, well, a bit chunkier to really carry it off. The idea of matchsticks stuck in clumpy erasers comes to mind otherwise. Pair with opaque tights or peg leg trousers to see you through the winter.

4. Leather biker jackets. A little cropped biker jacket can basically be chucked over any outfit to give it edge. The longer you’ve owned it the better as it’ll fit like a glove. Although the temptation to get a coloured one might draw you in, resist. Black is the only grown up choice and this is a list of fashions for women, not girls. The jacket should look small, hence if you’re small to begin with it’s harder to achieve the right contrast.

5. Bikini. The idea that bikinis are only for the super slim can quickly be dispensed of.  The female form is supposed to have curves, and as long as they’re supported correctly there shouldn’t be any reason to be intimidated by the thought of flashing some flesh. Stand tall, and be queen of the beach and rule the poolside.

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