Jun 11, 2013

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The collection of swimwear Miss Bikini 2013

The woman of Miss Bikini is an Amazon this summer of 2013 for the new collection of swimwear of the fashion group which in fact, is based on this figure with solutions dedicated to strong courageous women full of character who do not like to hide but love to always be put into play. This may well remind some of the Camille Lingerie. The swimsuits of summer 2013 have never had such strong soul.

The new collection of swimwear Miss Bikini is characterized by bold prints with animal prints, jungle prints and tatoo we propose patterns such as flowers and butterflies. The tribal style is matched then in most metropolitan solutions in a decidedly more rock way, not to mention the deep and glamorous hues such as those of yellow, coral, turquoise, green, blush, nude and coffee.

Miss Bikini 2013

Miss Bikini 2013

The swimsuits of Miss Bikini 2013 are being proposed in lurex, able to shine even more shades of gold and silver. These become reminiscent of Shapewear Underwear due to their style. The bikini swimsuit will obviously be the must have, becoming an object with precious stones, sequins and other glamorous and sparkling details.

The collection is then completed by Miss Bikini dresses and other clothing that will make pleasant company on the beaches of the world along with many accessories offered as the maxi bag with plots of recycled fabrics, gold and silver bags and much more. All solutions to glow with style!

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