Nov 16, 2013

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The basic rules for a successful style icon

The harmonious combination of clothes, shoes and accessories is called style. Learn the basic rules before you adopt it, as the style icon does not follow fashion in all its rules.

The basic rules:

Proper and practical choice

Women, for the style icon buy only what they really like and what their confident that it flatters their body.

Key clothes

There are some clothes that are always in fashion, fitting on numerous occasions and are easily combined with many other pieces. These are the canvas to create a remarkable ensemble. These parts are: A black dress, a white shirt, a turtleneck shirt, a trench coat, a pair of jeans, a pair of flat shoes, a pair of pumps and an excellent and practical bag.

Pieces that make impression

Besides the pieces to suit all occasions and selects some pieces that make impression and create interest. A great cocktail dress, a piece with fur details, extravagant accessories, an exotic crocodile bag or a stunning coat.

Style Icon

Style Icon

Various kinds of shoes

A woman must have different kind of shoes that will fit on the set and the occasion. Impressive high heels is a must, but investing in some shoes you may use on a daily basis is also important. A nice, tidy pedicure adds more points to your look.


The power of accessories is amazing. They reveal even the most simple outfit. The same outfit can often be worn with other accessories that will make it look different.

Follow fashion correctly

Do not buy something just because it is in fashion. Trying to find pieces that fit the style and temperament of your personality.

Style Icon

Style Icon

Money is not everything

Select pieces regardless their cost. No matter if it is too expensive or too cheap the point is to flatter the body.

Right combination

It’s very important to correctly combine the pieces. You can make either a harmonic or a contrast outfit as long as the pieces tie together. Dare to mix contemporary pieces with vintage touches, leather lace and expensive cost pieces.

By Nicole P.