Aug 17, 2013

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The after-sun cram for hair, which one to choose and how to apply

The sun and salt (but also chlorine) tend to mess up your hair, which become much more dry, frizzy, often change colour appearing less bright and brittle. It happens to everyone, but especially to those who have their hair dyed or treated. We recommend, therefore, during the summer holidays, a little more than care for your hair. What is this about? The use of an after-sun…. Obviously for hair.

Aftersun for hair

Aftersun for hair

When you are at the beach, apply protective sunscreen products by the hair and wash your hair often with fresh water to remove salt. Once home, the classic shower is a must. At the time of the shower you can use a beautiful mask after sun. The mask is indicated for those who have dry hair. If you normally have oily hair, use a shampoo a bit stronger than usual.

Suitable for all hair and skin types, there is the Aveda Suncare detergent, which removes salt and other residues. At the same time, moisturizes and gives the hair a natural and healthy look. If you are looking for an after sun shampoo, go for the Biopoint. It contains Jojoba Oil, Corn and Carrot: rinse with plenty of water, to make sure that the hair remain soft but not heavy.

It is also very much appreciated the after sun mask with intensive restructuring of Collistar. It serves to strengthen the hair and above all to restore the proper hydration. Return the hair a bright light which will be soft and easy to comb.

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