Sep 16, 2013

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The 10 most trendy hair styling for 2014 by the New York fashion shows

Looking in the mirror with satisfaction is not a typical female attitude, because even when we are happy with our appearance, we just want to show off something new. Hence we will read for those that are the most trendy 10 hairstyles hair for 2014, emerged from the New York fashion shows. This year, the overall trend is simplicity, so apart from some very creative designers, most of them presented sober look.



One thing is certain, after much shorter, for the spring-summer 2014 the hair should be long. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid:

1. Hair down scaled with 70 points cotonate

2. Collected soft tuft side

3. Bun traditional 50’s style for Oscar de la Renta

4. Bun node, much more modern and easy to do at home, for Custo Barcelona.

5. Ponytail both high and low stop by a band

6. Long hair with streaks of color hairpieces

7. Fringed bob for those who like half-measures

8. Herringbone braid, starting at the top, for those who want style denim Diesel Black Gold

9. Loose hair long and straight with the middle row

10. Bicolor chignon wig or hairpiece for evenings when you cannot be punk.

To get a better idea of the different look, do not miss our gallery of photographs, in which we included the most beautiful or the most scenic hairstyles of New York Fashion Week, which ended yesterday. On our blog you will also find the looks of celebrities present at the fashion shows, the beautiful Katie Holmes Victoria Beckham.

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