Mar 28, 2013

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Swarovski 2013 catalog with jewelry for Spring Summer

Swarovski celebrates the spring summer 2013 with a collection of jewelry praising tropical countries, the colors and the lush vegetation of paradises. Tropical Paradise is in fact the name the fashion house has chosen for crystal jewelry and charms dedicated to summer. Shapes, colors and details are linked to South America, the carnival of Rio de Janeiro to Mexico and Miami. Swarovski dedicates a special collection to any time of the year. Its winter collection or the one dedicated to Christmas was the House of glassware which included jewelry and home accessories that can illuminate the beauty of the crystal face or a room in your house . The line for spring summer 2013 is inspired by distant lands, tropical paradises, taking the shapes and colors of nature.

Swarovsky Beetle Rings

Swarovski Beetle Rings

One of the jewels that catches the eye browsing the catalog of the collection is the Translucent ring that takes a three dimensional shape in a form that is reminiscent of beetles with blue and pink crystals in pavé setting with exclusive finishing Pointiage developed by maison. Part of the collection are also beautiful earrings inspired by Triumphal floral pendant with crystals in different sizes that match with pearl shades. The necklace Nirvana Baby offers a smaller version of the iconic Swarovski Nirvana ring that goes with a rhodium plated chain to become a unique pendant. The pendants of the spring summer 2013 are a revisit to the classic patterns in the series Sensible heart where the heart is enhanced by pavé Crystal Clear on horizontal bands that make the pendant almost tactile.

Swarovsky Aquatic Themed jewels

Swarovski Aquatic Themed jewels

For those who love to build customized jewelry should not miss the Swarovski charm. The new collection is an ode to joyfulness and tropical countries. Turtles, toucans, fish, birds, geckos and butterflies, animals that live in the Amazon rainforest but also the ocean and beaches with the sea horse, flamingo, starfish, crab and shell. Warm colors in shades of red or vibrant tones of blue accompany a charm that speaks directly to the image of the summer.

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