Jul 18, 2016

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Summer Fashion Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Now that summer has finally arrived, it can be tempting to spend your days wearing denim shorts and tank tops to beat the heat and get a nice tan. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this, but remember that the shorts-and-tank-top combo isn’t the only choice you have. If you want to up your style game this summer while staying cool and comfortable, you can take the following steps:

Get your own LYD

LBDs have become popular for their versatility, but you have to admit that black is too somber and warm for summer. So, during the hot season, why not switch to little yellow dresses aka LYDs? Canary yellow, to be exact, is bright enough for summer while being formal enough for office wear and even business meetings, so start shopping for dresses in this color.


Make friends with white and navy

Yellow isn’t the only summer color since you can also fill your wardrobe with whites and navy blues. Pair with a fitted long-sleeved white blouse with a white pencil skirt for a flawless office outfit, and look for a navy shorts suit that makes you look fabulous when clubbing and having dinner with friends.

Know how to crop your top

Crop tops are a summer staple, but they’re sort of a hit-and-miss since a simple mistake can turn them from stylish to sloppy. Make sure you look great in them by buying a top that stops above your belly button then pairing it with a skirt or a pair of shorts that covers your navel, leaving a one-inch gap that shows off your skin.

Invest in a couple of dressy maxis

maxi dress

Look for maxis that hug your curves, not those that hang on you like a bed sheet. You can then pair them with heels and wear them to dinner parties, which is a great way to dress up without wrapping yourself in too-hot-for-summer velvet.

Keep these tips in mind to look your best during the summer season!