Dec 3, 2014

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Stop Hoarding Makeup – Know the Facts on Makeup Expiration

Perhaps you have a bunch of makeup kept somewhere, which you have forgotten entirely and have already expired. It’s tempting to buy a lot when your favorite brand is on sale or at a discount. But hoarding makeup could potentially be unhealthy for your skin and your pocket because expired cosmetics are harmful.


Mascara – Maximum shelf life is three months. When you observed clumps and bad smell, it’s time to throw them away. To prevent it from spoiling easily, don’t share them with others and use disposable applicators.

Liquid Foundation and Concealer – Maximum shelf life for liquids is six months. Toss them into the bin if you see the color lightening or the contents separating into layers. Sunlight can hasten expiration of face makeup. Also, it is best to use disposable applicators and avoid double dipping.

Powder Foundation – Shelf life is two years. When they crumble and harden, making it hard to blend, maybe it’s time to buy a new one. Keep them dry and use clean brush, pad or clean fingers when applying to prevent bacteria growth.

Lip Makeup – Lipstick expires after two years while lip gloss expires after a year. When lipstick dries up and lip gloss becomes oddly sticky, toss them away. When applying lip makeup, use disposable applicators.

Nail Polish – Nail polish has shelf life of two years, but whenever it becomes extra sticky or separate into layers, and won’t blend after shaking it, you know better than to use it. Try blending nail polish with nail polish thinner, or better yet, buy them in smaller bottles.

Eye Makeup – Eye powder, shadow and even powder blush expiration is after two years from opening. If they become flaky and dry, then it’s best to buy replacement. Purchase cosmetic disinfectant and brush shampoo to make sure they are germ-free.

Perfume – Fragrances last up to ten years. But when they smell weird, stop using them. Store your perfumes away from direct sunlight and bright light to prevent them from spoiling faster.

Lotion – Maximum shelf life is two years. If they change in color, scent and consistency, toss them away. Products with a pump are less susceptible to airborne bacteria than those in a jar or a tube.


Makeup manufacturers aren’t obliged to put cosmetic expiration dates on their products. Now that you know that cosmetics expire, it pays to keep track of their shelf life and to protect them from spoilage because expired cosmetics can damage your face rather than beautify it.