Mar 25, 2015

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Stepping into Your Gingham Outfit This Spring

With spring officially in and the temperature more tolerable than ever, it is time to shed off those thick winter clothes and bring out gingham pieces that are perfect for the season. If you don’t have such items in your wardrobe, you should go shopping.

It is easy to differentiate gingham from other fabrics because it is typically checked in white and paired with bold color. It is also a medium-weight fabric that contributes to it being soft and flowing. Some of the gingham pieces you must have include a collared dress from the ’60s, skater dress, a gingham printed headscarf, classic gingham shirt and socks, and a gingham evening dress, trouser and shoes.


Checked and with bold colors, an ensemble composed entirely of gingham pieces, may not be the best choice. There is a right way to wear these pieces without committing a fashion crime.

Joe Zee, Yahoo Style’s editor-in-chief, suggests three ways to wear gingham that will make you the envy of everyone.

“Go for a clean structured line”

Anything too simple and straight runs the risk of looking too casual. So go for pieces that have structure to give your look body and a touch of style.

“Stick to neutral tones”

As Joe Zee said, “The idea of treating gingham like the core, basic neutral color is really what the season is all about”. So wear it like Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker or the Duchess of Cambridge did.


“Keep it modern”

Nothing beats Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for pulling off a great gingham ensemble. But her style is so old-fashioned. For a modern twist, Joe Zee suggests pairing a checked top with a great pair of Capri pants, skirt or a pair of jeans. With this combination, you can then finish your look with a pair of gingham shoes.