Dec 31, 2014

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Spice Up Your Smoothie for a Healthier Refreshment

Concocting smoothies at home is a good way to serve healthy beverage for the family. Now you may soon get tired of your regular smoothie recipe, and may be thinking of adding a little of those calorie-filled flavors just to make things different. Before you reach for that cream or sugar, go for healthy and aromatic spices instead.

Add a little amount of these spices into your smoothie for a healthy, spicy and fragrant drink. A small amount goes a long way, and makes all the difference.



Helps regulate blood sugar levels and cuts LDL cholesterol. It also helps counter infection, particularly ulcer-causing bacteria.


Rich in vitamins and minerals, and relieves gas and bloating by stimulating proper removal of bowel and toxins. Cloves are likewise great for promoting healthy gums and teeth.


The fragrant vanilla relieves nausea and promotes a good mood through its calming and relaxing aroma. It promotes healing of minor cuts and wounds and helps in weight loss.


Ginger aids in digestion and enhances appetite. It stimulates blood circulation because of its high mineral content. It also relieves colds, cough and flu.



Mint is incredibly aromatic, making regular smoothies a cool and flavorful drink. This spice stimulates digestive activities, improving appetite and bowel movement. Mint is also great for unclogging nasal tract, so it’s great for those with asthma and colds.


Turmeric not only enhances the color of your smoothie, it also gives out a rich aroma. This spice boosts immune system, digestive system and bones. It slows down cancer cell growth and acts as a natural painkilller.

Cayenne Pepper

It has natural anti-fungal, anti-allergen and anti-ulcer properties. It aids in digestion and cures sore throat. Cayenne pepper is hot, so use sparingly.


It contains anti-inflammatory compounds, elevates mood, prevents cancer and reduces migraines.



Helps get rid of heavy metals in your body. It is great for those suffering from diabetes and anxiety. A bunch of cilantro can be overwhelming, so pair it up with banana or pineapple to make a sweet and nutritious smoothie.


If you have a hard time sleeping, try adding nutmeg to your late night smoothie. Nutmeg also promotes clear, healthy skin and fights acne.

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