Dec 6, 2013

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Soft skin | Winter time

Winter is the most important season for a womans skin care. The answers to some common skin problems are written here. Check them out below:

Why do we have dry skin in winter?

The body consists mainly of water and could be considered as a sponge, which could be easily dried if exposed to a strong wind or sun. The skin produces own hydrating substance, a natural oil called sebum and prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Unfortunately, the sebum limited production starts after puberty, which leads to skin areas which pops. If the skin is exposed to detergents, water or atmospheric aggravating circumstances, the dryness can be exacerbated.

How useful are moisturisers?

The hydration products fill the natural sebum. Almost any type of oil could be used as a moisturizing product, but many women prefer creams consisting oil and water, because they are less fat. The oil containing the products makes the skin hydration waterproof, so that the water moves on the surface of the interior of the body does not evaporate so quickly from the skin. This water reaches the surface skin cells and makes them simple and smooth.

Winter skin care

Winter skin care

Which moisturizer is the best?

Every woman needs a different kind of hydration product, depending on the oiliness, texture and aroma, but in terms of dermatological financial products can be just as effective as more expensive counterparts. The skin over the whole body benefit of hydration, and even that of the feet, where the regular use of cream helps avoid creating hard skin and calluses.

Are soaps suitable for dry skin?

Soaps for babies and those with glycerol is relatively mild. Perhaps you could try a special cosmetic soap. An even better idea is to wash with cream soap though it may seem strange, but it is effective. You can use a moisturizer or a specific product. Wet your skin, apply the cream and massage gently with soap, and rinse. This way you clean your skin and moisturize it as well.

Winter skin care

Winter skin care

Tips for irritated skin:

– Do not stay too long in the bath.
– Use a moisturizer three or four times daily.
– Wear gloves when doing housework.
– Apply your skin a thin layer of vaseline every night.
– Avoid cosmetics that have a strong scent.
– Wear a hat and gloves to protect your skin from the cold and wind.

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