Nov 22, 2013

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Shoe shopping | Tips

Our shoes, as experts say, should have a heel of 2.5 cm, because the foot of men and women, should have a slight angle of 5 degrees or so. The fashionable high heel shoes, cause women to suffer from corns, bunions, etc.

Shoe shopping

Shoe shopping

What should you look out for when you are buying shoes:

– You have to know exactly why you want them. For walking? For your job? For the countryside?

– It is preferable to buy shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are already swollen.

– The heeled shoes should be stable while walking.

– You should buy the shoes that immediately when you wore them they made your feet feel comfortable. Do not buy tight shoes hoping that in time they will stretch open.

– Avoid loose fitting shoes.

– The soft leather shoes are the best, because it allows the foot to breathe and because it is limiting the potential of irritation.



Nails that get into the skin

It’s something we see commonly to the big toe. Due to tight shoes that disfigure the nails, cause the tips of the nails to get into the skin. In such cases, how you cut your nails plays an important role. Do not cut them into a round shape, but in a straight line so that your nails will not have room to get into the skin. The soft shoes definitely relieve.

By Nicole P.