Nov 20, 2014

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Shinola launches online store in Europe and enters the UK market

Shinola, a company known for making watches, bicycles, diaries, leather and shoe polish Detroit has announced pleased to take their online store to Europe. Shinola artisans offer brand items, plus a range of carefully selected accessories. The European version Shinola store is a sign of the growing international demand for the products of the brand. But that’s not all as recently it was announced that the brand will launch in the UK market as well.

“Shinola is a global brand and our European site will allow consumers in Europe to have direct access to all of our products,” said Steve Bock, CEO of Shinola. “Increasing our presence in Europe is a very exciting time for us.” Shinola offers its products to residents of Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK and Spain. For more information, visit



Shinola was born in 2011, as a mark of Bedrock Manufacturing Company, LLC, in the belief that their products would be created to last and be manufactured in the United States. As creators of modern handmade items such as watches, bicycles, leather goods, diaries and pet accessories, they are proud to have their headquarters in Detroit, a city with community spirit and a long manufacturing tradition. They build their factories and leather watches within the College for Creative Studies, in the old building Argonaut. They are a young company with an illustrious name and defend talent in all areas, preservation of craftsmanship and the beauty of the industry.