May 2, 2016

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Sexy Not Slutty. How to Get It Right

Wearing short dresses, and showing some skin can be liberating for a lot of women. But with the way society defines slutty and trashy, putting a short, sleeveless dress can become uncomfortable, even when it would have made you look gorgeous.

There is a fine line between sexy and slutty, which anyone can easily cross. To keep it on the sexy side, keep the following tips in mind:

Cleavage or leg? Pick one

If your outfit makes it harder to decide where to look, whether on your overflowing cleavage or overly exposed legs, you can be sure that your outfit has gone into tarty territory. It is important that you only show skin selectively, and an outfit that shows both cleavage and legs wouldn’t work. So if your outfit has a plunging neckline, cover as much of your legs as possible.

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Choose flattering clothes

Sexy doesn’t always mean leaving little to the imagination. You can also feel sexy when you wear clothes that flatters your body and is representative of who you are. In other words, it is an outfit that would make you look and feel good.

So know your body type and wear appropriate clothes. Choose shapes and styles that highlight your assets and draw attention away from the not-so-good areas of your body.

Steer clear from an outfit that is tight, shiny and tiny

For someone with a few flabs, bigger abdominal area or huge buttocks, wearing a tight, shiny and tiny dress is a major no-no. It can draw the wrong kind of attention and, most likely, the not-so-good comments. If you want to get noticed, this could definitely work. But it won’t do you any favor.

Avoid fashion faux pas


When your undergarments are showing through your clothes, or they are out in the open, you can bet people would look at you crazy. No matter how expensive they are, undergarments are best kept “under” your clothes.

Follow these tips and you can wear short dresses or one with a décolletage neckline without looking slutty or trashy.