Aug 21, 2013

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Robert Pattinson news – here is the very first teaser of ADV campaign Dior

Since June it was announced that he, the most gallant “vampire” of all time, Robert Pattinson, would have been the face of the new advertising campaign of the fragrance Dior Pour Homme, thousands of fans scattered here and there on the globe, and they had to go a little cry of joy, hoping to see their favorite maybe more and more sexy in a suit (s)…

Robert Pattinson Dior

Despite the campaign sdv, it  is still at an early stage, as if to say, “production” after the single shot put on the market last month, showing Robert smiling at the poolside, here comes fresh-fresh as the fish on Friday morning, anticipating a nice teaser, if you will, the official advertising campaign, and helps to calm the spirits (who wants to hear, let him).

So here it is, the former Edward Cullen of the big screen, in all its splendor: the video, in fact, contains photographs made ​​by Nan Goldin in New York, the ideal setting for both Rob for Dior: the video was made with the collaboration of the German Tush Magazinee, in fact, contains a series of shots that are still unpublished.

In short, the wait for the official campaign, at least in this way becomes very “sweet” …

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