Jun 20, 2013

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Reebok runs the most beautiful beaches of Europe with the new Reebok RealFlex shoes

Lovers of sports, this is your opportunity. Reebok has decided to think about what is right to you, organizing the Reebok 7 beach tour, a sort of traveling festival full of events. You can practice yoga, CrossFit and study – dance and aerobics – to physically put to the test, to have fun and maybe to get in touch with a new discipline.

Reebok RealFlex

When? The first date is scheduled on June 28 (not this weekend but the next) to Cagliari, the Lido Castrulo, then continue the trip to Palermo, Marina di Camerota, Viareggio, Lido di Jesolo, Cervia and finally in Gallipoli. Each stage lasts for three days, from Friday to Sunday, from 8.30 to 19:00.

Be careful though because as far as doing gymnastics outdoors is beautiful, especially the sea, the really interesting thing will be the chance to test the Reebok RealFlex. Then you can see in your photo gallery. They are shoes made especially for those who do sports, they are also very light but at the same time they are able to make the foot very stable. If you then take part in the tour, you can experience the Reebok Dance Urlead, inspired by the historic model of Reebok Freestyle Heritage.

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