Dec 2, 2013

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Quick and useful beauty tips

Beauty is a huge issue for every woman. We always need some useful beauty tips for quick everyday fixes. For emergency moments, especially when in a woman is in a hurry, check out below and follow these easy tips.

Make your teeth look whiter

If you want to whiten your teeth immediately, without using any type of bleach, simply apply a bright red lipstick on your lips. Be careful though because specific shades of red, usually the darker ones, have the opposite result.

Quick and useful beauty tips

Quick and useful beauty tips

Clean the mascara from your nose and eyes

How many times have you soiled mascara on your eyelid, under your eyes or even in your nose while you’re in a hurry? If this happens, just let it dry naturally. Do not attempt to remove the stain while it’s wet. Once it is dry, then take a dry cotton swab to remove the mascara.

You’re out of shaving cream

You are in the shower, ready to shave your legs and you realize that you ran out of shaving cream. Do not panic! You can use hair conditioner as a substitute. It’s thick and nourishing and leaves your feet with a soft feel.

Quick and useful beauty tips

Quick and useful beauty tips

Make a pimple disappear quickly

In principle, do not pop it! Visit your bathroom and use the fluid for the eye redness. Just add a few drops on a cotton ball and apply it to the blackhead and surrounding area to get rid of the redness.

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