Aug 15, 2016

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Pineapple Leather Promises a Better Alternative to Animal Leather

When it comes to shoes, bags, purses and belts, leather always make a good choice. They can be as cool and, definitely, much more durable than fabrics. What’s more, they can last for ages!

The only thing unattractive about them is their high price tag and the fact that thousands of animals are killed for their skins and hides. If you have witnessed the horrors experienced by animal farms, you might think twice about buying leather again. If only there were animal-friendly alternatives.

Well, the good news is – you can now own as many leather items as you want without the guilt of putting hundreds of animal lives in danger.


Just recently, a socially conscious textile company Ananas Anam launched Piñatex, a pineapple leather. Founder and CEO Carmen Hijosa described the product as an “innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile” derived from the leaves of the tropical pineapple fruit, which fiber is widely used in the Philippines as a material for Barong Tagalog, a traditional Filipino shirt for men.

Hijosa first discovered the fabric during one of his business trips in the Philippines, were she was introduced to the Barong Tagalog. She believed that the material could be a great alternative to animal leather, so for five years, she did a research on pineappple fiber, spending her time travelling between the UK and Spain. A breakthrough came when she realized that she could bond together the long fibers, without knitting or weaving them, in a similar way to felt. And thus, Piñatex was created. The material can be dyed and treated to closely resemble leather. It can also be produced in different thickness, depending on the finished product in which it is to be used.


Several big companies are eyeing the leather as an alternative to the expensive animal leather. Among them are Puma and Camper. According to LifeGate, the pineapple leather is about 23 euros per square meter, comparably affordable than the traditional leather which costs about 25-38 euros.