Aug 28, 2013

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Picking the perfect watch

I guarantee most women have the perfect bag and a pair of shoes for every occasion, and plenty more left over to choose from too. I’m afraid that many men don’t get the same pleasure of an overgrown shoe and bag addiction, but there is one accessory men can get right every time – a watch.

The perfect watch

This timeless accessory can be worn at all times, and depending what style, it can also say a lot about the man himself, that’s why it’s important to get the perfect one. The men’s watch market is overflowing with extraordinary pieces that instantly catch the eye and will have you reaching for your wallet.

But you should always try before you buy and make sure that the watch you are eager to purchase will be the right one for the occasion at hand. I’ve decided to provide a guide to highlight which type of watch will be perfect for the two basic occasions, the workplace and a night out:


A workplace of any kind is not the place where you should dress up to stand out, so choose a stylish, classic design but that isn’t too lavish. Most workplaces have a dress code for employees to stick to, where everyone should wear similar styles of clothing, which includes accessories.

A watch can say a lot about the person wearing it, so turning up to work with a glamorous, over-the-top and flashy wrist watch says you’re trying too hard, and no one likes the person who’s pretending to be something they’re not.

The perfect watch for the workplace is any style from Watch Warehouse’s classic collection. The majority of these watches have a basic classic design and a plain face with a slight hint of elegance about them; perfect if you want a quality reliable watch without the huge price tag.

Night out;

Wherever you’re going – if it’s a fancy meal with the family or just a few drinks with your friends – this is where you can bring out your favourite accessory to uplift your appearance. Just like women, men care about how they look and with this one simple accessory they can look a million dollars every time, no matter what clothes you’re wearing.

This little add of luxury can give you the confidence to really stand out, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit to get you noticed even in the most crowded of rooms. If you really want to capture people’s attention choose a superior gold bracelet, or a design with diamonds fixed into the face to dazzle and impress.

The perfect watch for when out on the town is anything from the Rotary collection. You’ll find your perfect watch among these extravagant beauties that exert in sophistication and class.

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