Dec 15, 2012

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Personal Shopper: create the look of “Snow White”, perfect for the winter season

The first snowfall has already arrived. Temperatures are incredibly lower and there are those who love to choose chic outfits but at the same time they do literally like shivering in the cold! For that reason in the Personal Shopper this week you’ve got a Winter Outfits that meets these basic requirements: style and soft warm fabrics.

Snow White Look

Snow White Look

It ‘an outfit, as they say, “Onion”, and it is consisted of several layers. We start from the initial layer, which is consisted of a dress with lace and silk Worth Plumetis that was found in for € 3.200.00. We make disappear the bottom of the dress, with a skirt with pleated ivory and a black belt stretch that highlights the life, which you can find in for only 25.00 euro; we combined this outfit with a total white stockings cream, which was found in for 3.87 euro, then comes the highlight of the whole outfit, the incredible Chanel boots, ecru, the Fantasy Fur mukluks Icicle Heel Boots.

The second layer is given by the accessories: they shine the whole look, the pendants with large stones signed by Swarovski Elements, whose price is 110.00, then we combine an original ring, Asos, shaped like a dachshund, whose price is only 19.00 euro; sun glasses that are strictly white, which designer is Miu Miu MU Ladies, for a price of 235.00 €.

Finally, we conclude with the third strange outfit, which is consisted of a delicious white wool coat signed Valentino, whose price is 1.390.00 ; paired with a white French hat with brilliant applications that can be found from Nordstrom for 29, 00 ; applied to a coat another brilliant element, which is a pin in the shape of a flower, a white with glitter, we conclude with a bag, which is invariably white, signed by Michael Kors, which you can find in for 770.00 euro.

What do you think of this winter look?

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