Oct 17, 2013

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Parajumpers boutique Seoul opened its first “shop in shop”

Parajumpers, a project that NSCE collaboration between Bee & Partners and Massimo Rossetti, which 15 years ago gave birth to a clothing line known throughout the world, has chosen the Department Store Hyundai of Seoul, in the famous district of Gangnam, as a location for the opening of its first shop in shop.

Parajumpers boutique Seoul

Parajumpers boutique Seoul

Made in collaboration with the partner KLH Int, space, located on the third floor of the building along with all the major emerging luxury brands, it has been decorated with recycled materials, such as wood and iron, combined with each other in order to create an environment at the same time raw yet modern in design, in keeping with the spirit of “sportswear” brand.

This is a significant moment for Parajumpers, which marks the beginning of a new expansion strategy, after the success in all the major European and North American markets.