Jun 13, 2013

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Olea Spa and you’re instantly to the Roman Baths

We love the retro packaging of the new line of Olea Spa Mediterranean Line. In the bathroom it is a marvel sign of aristocracy. But the nostalgic flavor is not only in the packaging: Olea Spa was born from the desire to interpret the gestures of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, which had made the culture of real bagnoun a daily ritual. The same thing used to happen in the ancient Greece with the women that were considered Goddesses for the way that they used to be captivated by their beauty products.

Olea Spa

Olea Spa

No one more than Linea Mediterranea can quote our past seeing it in a modern way: it is famous for its use of high-quality olive oil in all its products. All parts of the precious plant of the Mediterranean are among the constituents of Olea Spa, from butter to olive oil with tocopherols unsaponifiables. The line is then truly a jack of all trades, including Hands and Face Cream, Body Oil, Shower, Shampoo Conditioner, Bath Salts and Soap.

All can be bought in mail order and on-site on the website of LuxeBC.

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