Feb 8, 2016

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Eyebags in Just One Week

If there’s one kind of “bag” you wouldn’t want to wear, it is certainly an eye bag.

Dark circles that just won’t go away and saggy skin under the eyes are every woman’s nightmare. Thankfully, these things are not permanent. So, if you’re a panda in the mirror instead of your beautiful face, here’s how you get rid of those ugly eye bags in just a week.

  1. Place cold compress over your eyes.

Others use slice cucumbers or potatoes, while some use cold tea bags. If these are not available, get a re-sealable plastic bag (or any plastic) and fill it with ice cubes or cold water to create a cold compress. Lie down and place the cold compress over your eyes. Wait for about 15 minutes to reduce swelling.


  1. Get sufficient sleep.

Those dark circles are a sign that your body is over fatigue and not getting sufficient sleep. So, go give yourself a rest. Adults are recommended to have at least 7 hours of sleep daily.

  1. Minimize your salt intake.

Water retention can cause the skin under the eyes to puff. So, if puffiness is your problem, try avoiding salty foods.

  1. Avoid eye creams with high water content.

The skin under your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. It can easily absorb water. This is why when it comes to eye creams, avoid the heavy ones especially gels which has high water content. Go for lighter creams which tend to be absorbed by the skin quickly.


  1. Sleep on extra pillow

Keep your head elevated by having an extra pillow while sleeping to reduce puffiness. Your head should be at least a couple of inches higher than your body to keep water from gathering under your eyes.

Additional Tips: For dark circles that appear just once a year, particularly in spring, go to your doctor for a checkup. Pollen allergies can cause dark circles to form around your eyes.