Feb 22, 2016

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Nailing a Fashion Week Experience by Looking Beyond the Catwalks

It would be a pretty stupid idea to having gone to a fashion week, but completely ignored the outfits on the catwalk, right? But actually, this is not a rare situation, especially when the clothes showcased on the show are dull, though you will still see the audience compelling without fail.

To get the most out of your fashion week experience, you can head outside after the show and then enjoy the best catwalk shows on the streets. Here, you will find show-goers promenading their best looks for the benefit of the photographers who would want to take pictures of their fashionable ensemble. Now, you might be wondering how much you could learn from looking at off-catwalk fashion.

Here are the trends during the latest New York Fashion Week, focusing on three of the most important aspects—shoes, hair and wardrobe:

The Shoes


It was clear that the footwear that stood out during the event were the Gucci loafers, streamlined and minimal white trainers and the Bowie-esque silver ankle boots. As for the ankle gap, it seemed that you would not be noticed if your ankle bone was not out and proud, with many show-goers fraying the hems of their jeans to achieve such a look.

The Hair

The off-catwalk fashion week suggested that worn down hair that is swept to the front (but on one side) was the trend. That genius idea to sweep your hair to one side of your neck as it got really hot or to conceal a love bite certainly does not go out of style.


The Wardrobe

The white polo neck, which was once the domain of ski instructors, had become the new white shirt during the week. With it underneath, you will be able to basically wear anything in your wardrobe at all, and look fashion-forward.