Nov 19, 2014

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Nail Polish Trends for Winter

Forget the brights and pastels. Nail polish colors for winter this year revolve around jewel and metallic tones. Whether you opt for the moody subdued nature of light gold polish or go daring in metallic green hue, the choice is all yours!

1. Light Gold

Get the Midas touch this winter with gold nail polish. But remember that when looking for colors in the gold hue, stick to choosing those with slight shimmer. It may be glitzy and glamorous, but gold is also subtle enough to be worn on the daily.


2. Cobalt

Battle the winter blues with blue nail polish. Bright cobalt is not quite electric blue but is bright enough to shake up your system. Cobalt blue polishes will certainly help perk up the cold winter mood.

3. Oxblood

Also known as Burgundy, Oxblood is a growing trend color for winter. Wearing this alluring polish is one way to work the vampy trend in to your look without needing to wrap yourself with sexy clothes. It is a dramatic shade indeed but still works fine for daytime wear too.


4. Gunmetal Grey

Grey is a staple color during the winter season. So, why not paint your nails a gorgeous gunmetal shade? It is darker and much edgier than the standard grey shades but can be sported as a neutral color no problem.

5. Plum

Plum is a common choice for autumn, originally. But it can also work for winter since the color works fine with a wide range of winter trends. Deep and opaque plums are best for complementing the Gothic look, while metallic plum polishes would fit perfectly Baroque-inspired outfits.

The trend on nail polish colors for this winter really do cover all the bases. Metallic or neutral, whichever you choose, these hues are at the top of the current nail trends.

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