Mar 28, 2014

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Must have items that should always be into your purse

The handbag, regardless the size, usually hides inside a small treasure. Even if its hard to believe, even in the smallest purses women find a way to fit everything that they need. Now, if you prefer middle sized or larger sized bags, here’s a list with the must have items that should be in every woman’s purse.




It is perfect for the moments that you feel down or want to feel beautiful again, for an appointment, personal or professional, that came out of nowhere, or just to freshen up your makeup on a night out, the lipstick is an item that should never miss from your purse.

Extra money

Remember when you were a teenager and your mother gave you some extra money in your pocket, for a time of need? Make this an everyday habit, because often arise from unexpected situations which can be saved only if you have cash on you and not plastic money.

Pads and tampons

You may know when you get your period, but there is always the possibility of falling out a few days, or something happened that changed your cycle. Make sure you’re you are prepared for every eventuality, storing some pads or tampons in your bag for times of need.

Hand sanitizer

It will disinfect your hands after any transaction, handshake etc. keeping away bacteria and viruses.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Wet wipes

Whether you have a baby or not, baby wipes are ideal for many occasions. To clean your hands, fix your makeup or even to rub a possible stain.

Aspirin or paracetamol

How many times have you been dealing with a sudden headache? Keep for these cases, some magic pills in your purse, noting thereon the date of expiration.


Sounds simple, but it is often the most forgotten. You do not know until you need to give your phone number to someone and you do not want to mess up your lipstick!



Emergency contact list

Beyond identity, perhaps it would be useful to carry on your data and communication numbers for times of need, in order to be able to notice your people.

By Nicole P.

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