Sep 19, 2016

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Modern Tech Trends to Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

Due to the modernization of the fashion industry, most retailers have already made their first move of applying e-commerce on their transactions. In fact, it has been expected that technology will make it easier for the industry to get online discovery as well as conversations. Likewise, it will help customers get inspired so that they can eventually make a purchase.

Here are some things that you need to look forward to when it comes to tech trends.

  • Mainstream Visual Searching

Going online is no longer new to the fashion industry, but this has become a mainstream experience led by many big stores around the world. This is referred to as visual searching that users can use on their websites and apps. Such will include color, size, shape, and proportion. Accordingly, this might give a better option than keyword-matched searching.


  • Fit Has Become Critical

One of the issues that online retailers are worried about is the product returns. Trends that enable sizing such as the virtual fitting rooms through augmented reality, software tools to compare sizes, and 3D body scanners are simply the next trends to look forward to.

  • Advanced Machine Learning

Another part of the fashion industry is to become part in the advanced machine learning strategies. This will enable personalized feeds and remove clutter.

  • Digital Assistants


One of the best trends that could happen to mainstream fashion is to have a digital assistant that should be able to monitor your closet. For instance, it can suggest what you should wear on the basis of your calendar or schedule. This will be helpful as it will recommend clothes appropriate for any occasion from your favorite stores.

  • Wearable Tech

With smart watches leading the way for wearable technology, it is expected that the fashion industry will catch up by way wearing more smart devices to look trendy, not only techy.