Jun 27, 2013

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Milan Fashion Week June 2013: summer garden Brooksfield, the spring summer collection 2014

If you follow Milan Fashion Week slowly you get a taste of the whole city, where one of the most striking moment was the one with Brooksfield, which has organized the presentation of the spring summer 2014 collection in the heart of artistic Brera.

Brooksfield, the spring summer collection 2014

A few steps from the new and shiny Gucci flagship store, in the space in Via San Carpoforo, we admired a kind of installation, the collection stretched as before, with wooden clothespins and wire rope, with many old washing machines with portholes overflowing with clothes and even a specimen of iron old-school.

Visual tricks to make the idea of the theme of the collection Brooksfield: The Laundry. That is the effect laundry, with the leaders in natural colors in shades from sand to brown, from white to blue and finally to denim. But being a summer collection, broad concessions are made to color, with the minitartan effects and madras shirts, vests with contrast piping, polo shirts printed with designs neckwear.

To be taken as inspiration for the combinations, the blue with pink, orange with gray and sand, fuchsia with navy blue and brown burned with acid green. On the whole, the reassuring scent of the soap is stored in granules within the labels!

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